“I’ve been using Cambro products for my entire career.” When David Edgar, executive chef of nutrition services at Sacramento City Unified School District, started looking at shelving options for their central kitchen a couple of years ago, he did his due diligence. During the process, he recognized a brand he knew very well.

“I saw the Camshelving®, and I really liked it. I liked the fact that the shelves come apart and they’re super easy to clean and very easy to assemble, so much easier than the old school metal ones,” said Edgar. “When it came time to pick out shelving for the kitchen, knowing that we were going to need probably literally a ton of it, I was like, ‘Well, it has to be the Camshelving because we need to be able to easily clean the shelves’.”

Thomas Lucero, executive chef of SCUSD’s central kitchen, said he was always a fan of wire shelving and never believed in “plastic” shelving…until he experienced Camshelving. He loves the fact that he can easily wash the shelf plates and how easy it was to install. He isn’t afraid to say that he truly believes Camshelving is stronger.

They’ve also added the Camshelving Pegboard, which will never dent, bend, flake, rust or corrode, to hang their spoons.

Cambro Products are a Capital Solution for Sacramento USD
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