Unveiling Culinary Excellence: The Best Cooking Classes

Cooking classes offer a gateway to culinary mastery, providing enthusiasts with hands-on experience and expert guidance. Whether you’re a novice seeking to sharpen your skills or a seasoned chef looking to expand your repertoire, the world’s best cooking classes offer a diverse array of options to suit every palate and preference.

Culinary Institute of America (CIA), New York

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, the Culinary Institute of America stands as a beacon of culinary education excellence. With state-of-the-art facilities and renowned chef instructors, the CIA offers a comprehensive range of cooking classes, from fundamental techniques to specialized cuisines from around the globe. Students have the opportunity to learn in professional kitchens, honing their skills alongside industry professionals.


  • Intensive hands-on training in culinary arts.
  • Specialized courses in pastry arts, wine studies, and hospitality management.
  • Access to CIA’s vast network of alumni and industry connections.

Le Cordon Bleu,

Unveiling the Culinary Delights of La Cuisine Paris

Nestled in the heart of the historic Marais district, La Cuisine Paris stands as a bastion of culinary excellence, offering a myriad of benefits to food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike. From immersive cooking classes to curated culinary experiences, this esteemed institution is renowned for its commitment to promoting French gastronomy and fostering a deep appreciation for food culture.

A Gourmet Playground

La Cuisine Paris provides a veritable playground for culinary exploration, where participants can delve into the rich tapestry of French cuisine under the guidance of expert chefs. With a diverse array of classes catering to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned cooks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re mastering the art of crafting delicate pastries or perfecting the techniques behind classic French sauces, each class offers a unique opportunity to expand your culinary repertoire.


  • Hands-On Learning: Participants engage in hands-on learning experiences, gaining practical

Hygiene Inspections for Food Plants

Without effective cleaning and hygiene systems in place in food plants, equipment can become sources of contamination. Chemicals used for cleaning can also contaminate food if not effectively flushed through.

Adhering to best hygiene practices is one process that food plants cannot cut corners on. Across North America, standards were already very high pre-pandemic; however, the pressure of the global pandemic has changed the landscape for a number of food processors, with localized lockdowns and supply chain disruptions further complicating mandatory audits. Additionally, the pandemic has reinforced the importance of producers conveying confidence and having robust and proactive HACCP and hygiene protocols in place.

Health, safety, and well-being expectations have increased. During the pandemic, food consumption patterns and grocery shopping behaviors shifted. Although price remains king when it comes to what drives food purchasing, safety is an equally critical consideration. A 2020 report by Deloitte, called “The Future of

How Covid-19 is Influencing the Future of Restaurant Food Safety

restaurant safety

Food safety has always been paramount for restaurants, but the coronavirus pandemic forced an evolution when confronted with new challenges like surges in takeout and delivery and demand for more transparent hygiene practices. In December 2021, Deloitte surveyed 1,000 consumers who had dined in a restaurant in at least September to get a fresh take on their attitudes and perspectives around food safety in restaurants. This is what they found:

33% said enhanced cleanliness and safety will make them more likely to return to on-premises dining sooner and to dine out more frequently

Many unhygienic practices occurred at restaurants every day before the pandemic that restaurant operators never realized.

  • Unsanitary Plastic-Covered Menus: Customers used plastic-covered menus over and over throughout the day and they were only disinfected after closing. Using a QR Code is efficient and reduces waste. They don’t require heavy sanitation and have a much smaller footprint if

California food stand hit-and-run leaves 1 dead, 12 injured

One person was killed and 12 others injured after a driver plowed her car into a California taco stand on Friday.

The horrific crash happened around 7:45 p.m. in Pomona, Calif, located roughly 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

Officials said a 26-year-old Pomona resident fled the area following the crash. She was taken into custody about an hour later.

One person was confirmed dead at the scene where the popular food truck often sets up shop, according to ABC 7.

The condition of the 12 victims hurt in the crash is still unknown.

Footage shows the aftermath of the taco stand, completely destroyed on impact, as debris was scattered across the street.

The scene of the deadly hit-and-run in Ponoma, Cali., that left one dead and 12 others injured.
The scene of the deadly hit-and-run in Pomona, Cali., left one dead and 12 others injured.
ABC 7 / Youtube

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.