The Delta facility is designed with 48 receiving doors on one side and 48 shipping doors on the other to create an efficient flow of product. Truck drivers will use a contactless check-in that will accelerate the shipping process and allow us to accept and ship out packages to our customers faster than ever.

Each week, Delta receives an average of 200,000 cartons from our factories and ships out an average of 200,000 cartons to our customers. To handle the substantial product volume, we implemented a flow through operation where fast-moving products are warehoused up front for quicker access. Delta is designed with very narrow aisles to allow us to maximize our total warehouse storage capacity. Employees use a special wire guidance system that moves them into the aisle in order to quickly grab the products they need.

Cambro Manufacturing Opens New 400,000 Sq. Ft. Huntington Beach Distribution Center
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