Crawfish Not Just For Mardi Gras Chefpliska

CrawfishMany people love crawfish but are uncertain how to catch the little critters. Make roux with bacon grease or oil and flour. When roux is somewhat darker than the colour of peanut butter, add the greens to the roux. Prepare dinner till the vegetables are delicate. Add the inventory, parsley, and seasonings, and cook a couple of hours, adding more inventory or water as wanted. Check for seasonings. Add heads and tails, warmth by means of, and serve over rice.

This time you got to prepare the crawfish pots, out of doors fuel burners and the paddles. Fill in your pots with water midway then squeeze the juice out of the lemons and leave it into the water afterwards. Add boil seasonings. Let it boil for 3 minutes with the intention to let the spices combine effectively. Add the onions, sausage and potatoes to the crawfish baskets. With sufficient warmth … Read more