Traveling to Europe, not satisfied if you haven’t tasted the culinary variety. Different countries, also different local specialties. The following European specialties that you must try.

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Kroketten, Amsterdam

Maybe you know this food as croquette. It’s called kroketten, a delicious Dutch food served hot.

Kroketten is mashed potatoes mixed with minced meat, seasonings, covered in bread flour, then fried in hot oil. Kroketten can be found in the streets of Amsterdam, also in fast food restaurants like McDonalds.

Currywurst, Berlin

Bratwurst is a typical German sausage that is famous for its large size. If bratwurst is usually baked and then immediately served, currywurst uses curry and tomato sauce.

Bratwurst is cut into small pieces and then cut to fit in one bite. The sausages used are usually made from pork. After that, smothered in tomato sauce and curry then served with french fries.

Frites, Bruges

Belgian citizens are fans of french fries. However, Belgian fries differ from French fries in other countries, including American style. French fries named frites.

These fries are rather large and then fried. The fries are then put into a cone-shaped container made of paper. When buying, a traveler can choose their own sauce according to taste

Gelato, Florence

The city of Florence in the Province of Tuscany, Italy, is famous for producing gelato. Yes, this is a typical Italian ice cream whose enjoyment is famous among world travelers.

Gelaterie aka gelato seller shops scattered throughout the city. There are Vivoli, Grom, Gelateria de ‘Neri, Gelateria Santa Croce, Cavini and many more. Each store serves gelato in dozens of up to dozens of different flavors. Forget for a moment strawberries, vanilla, or chocolate which become the taste of ice cream in general. Try an adventure by tasting Pistachio, Cheesecake, Zabaione, Coffee Granita, Mint and Cherry, Affogato with Chocolate to Chocolate Ginger!

Crepes, Paris

In addition to the city of fashion, Paris is also famous as a culinary city. Hundreds of Michelin-titled restaurants are scattered in Paris, offering different gastronomic experiences for tourists. But of all the appetizing food, the food that should not be missed is crepes.

Crepes are thin, soft pancakes made from flour dough. Crepes are also well-known as a delicacy with salty or sweet filling. But the best place to taste crepes is in his hometown of Paris.

Tourists can sample various crepes in the Latin Quarter or Montmartre. The crepes sellers also usually hang out in famous tourist objects such as the Jardin de Tuilleries Park.

Pizza al Taglio, Rome

Pizza is one of the typical Italian food. The place to taste is of course in the Province of Tuscany. But in the city of Rome, there is one type of food that must be tasted by tourists. This is al taglio pizza which can be found in many places.

Unlike most circular pizza, pizza al taglio in rectangular shape. The toppings can be chosen according to taste, but the most classic and popular tourists are tomatoes and basil.

Fried Herring Sandwich, Stockholm

Sweden is famous for its fish preparations, especially herring. When visiting the Swedish capital, Stockholm, don’t miss the local specialties, the fried herring sandwich.

As the name suggests, this is a sandwich filled with seasoned fried herring. This sandwich is also filled with cucumber slices and shallots. The place to taste is Nystekt Stromming, a small kiosk outside the Slussen train station.

Typical food in Europe