The combination of sour, sweet and salty flavors mixed in sushi rice makes this Japanese snack loved by many people. Sushi is also fairly easy to make at home, although it takes a few tricks to make it look neat and pleasing to the eye.

Well, for those of you who want to try making sushi but don’t have a roller to roll it, the five tips below will help you!

Use a clean and dry base

To prevent the seaweed from sticking or tearing, prepare a clean, dry base for rolling the sushi. If you don’t have a cutting board like you usually use, you can replace it with another large plate covered with plastic wrap.

Leave 1/3 of the empty space of seaweed

Putting sushi fillings such as rice and side dishes should not be too much. Set aside about 1/3 of the remaining seaweed so that when you cut it, the sushi will still look good. Measuring the right filling can also make the rolling process easier.

Tighten the filling when it starts to roll

Don’t forget to compact the filling when you start rolling the sushi. Squeeze until there is absolutely no free space which if left unchecked will make the sushi fall apart when cut. Press the sushi roll up half way while forming a perfect circle.

Don’t roll them all at once

The most common mistake when making sushi for the first time is rolling it all at once. The point is to directly roll without being compacted when in the half-roll position.

If you roll it directly, the sushi will end up being difficult to form neatly.

Use water to glue the ends

In order not to loose and damage the shape that has been painstakingly made, at the end of the seaweed can be given a little water as the adhesive medium. This way you can make sure the sushi rolls stay intact and don’t fall apart before cutting.

Making this typical Japanese food does require a lot of patience and practice, if you are used to trying it, over time, the sushi will be formed neatly and perfectly.

Tips for Rolling Sushi Without a Roller