Yes, it is common knowledge that there is no better milk for your baby than breast milk, but what if, for some reason, you can no longer breastfeed your child? How can you be sure to nourish your baby as well as possible, with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, but without the hormones and other chemicals that the vast majority of formulas sold in stores usually have? Opt for organic milk; one of the most popular is holle geran cow milk.

In 1933 Holle was founded in Arlsheim as Holle Food AG. Shortly afterward, the first Holle wholemeal bread and the first organic baby foods were produced, making Holle one of the first manufacturers of organic baby foods in Europe.

Formula feeding when you cannot provide breast milk for your baby

Until about 1960, Holle baby food was available exclusively in Switzerland and included various cereal-based foods for bottle feeding and porridge to be used in combination with fresh milk or fruit. From the 1960s onwards, it expanded into the German market, spreading to Europe in the 1980s.

In the mid-1990s, the first organic infant milk and infant formulas with 99% organic raw materials were introduced. This positioned Holle as one of the foremost suppliers in Europe to offer a complete range of baby food in certified organic quality.

At the time, Holle became the first “Demeter” company and is now one of the leading manufacturers of baby food with this certification.

Holle understands that milk is not just milk – and Demeter milk has a lot going for it. According to current scientific knowledge, nature-friendly feeding of ruminants and gentle and nutritionally sound processing, as found in Demeter dairies, are the best prerequisites for healthy, high-quality milk.

For the production of Holle infant milk, only the valuable and highly prized Demeter milk is used. What makes it so unique: Demeter farmers raise and care for their animals with respect for their well-being and dispense with the painful process of cutting off the cows’ horns. The horns are an essential and natural element for these animals and very important for their digestion process. This has a very noticeable effect on their organism and the quality of the milk. The success: Demeter cows produce rich and valuable milk, the ideal basis for Holle infant milk.

Demeter meets the strictest standards in animal care – cows from Demeter farms have horns. Because they are not only beautiful but also essential for digestion and metabolism. Nature-friendly animal husbandry has a significant influence on the composition of cow’s milk. It is especially rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene. We find a high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6, very beneficial fatty acids in the milk fat. The taste of the milk is delicious and harmonious thanks to the grass content in the fodder. Also, it is the first CO2-neutral Demeter infant milk and infant formula.

As you can see, reasons to feed your baby holle geran cow milk abound; it is not only good for the environment, it is excellent for your baby.

Holle, The Milk Your Baby Should Drink