22. Mangosteen, Mangoes, Dragon Fruits – Thai Fruits Salad

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Exotic Thai fruit

A haven for fresh fruits, you’ll find exotic fruits everywhere you go in Thailand

Few places have such a plentiful supply and amazing variety of fruits. And, the Thai people eat a large amount of fresh fruit. 

Three of the most popular fruits to enjoy are mangoes, mangosteen, and dragon fruit. 

The Thai mango is unique in flavor from the rest of the world’s mangoes, and there are several different varieties. 

It is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand and is used in both sweet and savory dishes.

You’ll find mangoes used in several Thai desserts like as mango ice cream, thai mango cake, Thai mango coconut pudding, and of course, the famous mango sweet sticky rice.

Mangosteen Popular Thai Desserts by Authentic Food Quest
Sweet and tangy mangosteen

Mangosteen, or mangkhut, is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Tropical Fruits.” This is one of our favorite Thai fruits with a delicious interior that literally dissolves in the mouth.

The dragon fruit is another staple fruit in Thailand. There are several varieties and the ones with a red colored interior are delightful sweet.

Enjoy the fruits individually or make Thai fruit salads and relish the bountiful fruits.

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The 22 Most Delightful Popular Thai Desserts To Indulge On
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