Europe seems to offer a variety of interesting natural, cultural and historical attractions to explore. Not only that, Europe also has a variety of typical European food which you certainly shouldn’t pass up. Culinary in Europe is indeed very diverse and of course offers different delights in each country. Not surprisingly, culinary delights in Europe are also a magnet for tourists from various countries. So, for those of you who are planning a vacation to Europe, you must include this must-try food in Europe on your culinary list.

1. Pizza Al Taglio, Italy

The first must-try food in Europe is Pizza Al Taglio. This pizza is a must-eat for those of you who visit Europe, especially Italy.
Pizza Al Taglio originates from the city of Rome and is hunted by tourists when visiting the city which is famous for the Colosseum. This pizza is not like pizza in general which is a circle, but a rectangle. You can also choose the topping according to your taste, but the most classic and much-loved is the tomato and basil topping.

2. Gelato, Italy

The food that must be tried in Europe then comes from the city of Florence. This dish is a dish that tastes sweet and is loved by all groups and all ages, this dish is known as Gelato. Gelato is made from milk and sugar which has a texture like ice cream, but gelato is lower in fat.

3. Frites, Belgium

Moving from Italy to Belgium, in this country you can also find one of the must-try foods in Europe called Frites. Frites are a typical Belgian snack made from potatoes and are very easy to make. Potatoes are cut rather large then fried and put in a cone-shaped container made of paper resembling a cone.

4. Currywurst, Germany

The next must-try food in Europe is Currywurst from Germany. Currywurst is a fast food dish made from fried pork sausage seasoned with curry and tomato sauce. Currywurst is usually served with French fries and soft drinks.

5. Kroketten, The Netherlands

If you want to visit the Netherlands, you will also find one of the must-try foods in Europe originating from this country. This dish is called Kroketten which is fast food whose basic ingredients are mashed potatoes then mixed with meat, spices and covered with breadcrumbs and then fried in oil.

6. Crepes, France

The next typical obligatory food in Europe is Crepes. Maybe you can find many Crepes being sold in Indonesia, but you have to try this dish directly in its country of origin, namely France.
Crepes are pancakes made from flour dough which is added with several other ingredients such as sugar. Crepes are usually served in several variants which are certainly very tempting.

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