When Brian Horgan, Head of Campus Food and Drink, had to provide hot meals to 3,000 who were in intensive quarantine, he needed to find something that would maintain safe food temperatures from their production kitchen to student accommodations.

“We bought quite a few [Cam GoBoxes®] of different sizes and they were great because before that we’d used a very rigid, heavy, hard box, which was difficult to transport, whereas a guy could almost sort of sling this over his shoulder and climb stars and go about different accommodation blocks,” said Horgan.

Now, Horgan still uses his GoBoxes to provide catering orders and lunches.

“They’re still very handy and I like them because people aren’t inclined to hurt themselves lifting them, and they won’t over pack them. It helps with manual handling. There’s a health and safety aspect to it for me; we employ as many ladies as we do men,” said Horgan.

One reason Horgan was quick to choose Cambro GoBoxes over his other options was because he knows Cambro means durability. More than 10 years ago, Queen’s University Belfast invested in Century Textured Wood Grain Trays that are still in operation today.

Cambro Proves Durability at Belfast University
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