“Well, the problem with the cans is that they’re over in front of the refrigerators, and they’re heavy, so we put them down below, but it’s hard for them to reach down and pick them up,” said Garcia.

Employees not only wasted time walking over to the shelving that held the #10 cans, but they also had to pull them out to find the type of food they needed.

The Ultimate #10 Can Rack is essential for operations that use cans on a daily basis. Rust-free, durable and easy to clean, the Ultimate #10 Can Rack has a front loading, gravity fed design to guarantee FIFO (First In, First Out). Plus, they added their can racks to the end of the Camshelving so that employees could reach it more quickly and safely.

“Having the Ultimate #10 Can Rack up front is so much easier if you need something, it’s handy, and it’s easier to put cans in there and take them out. It’s great,” said Garcia.

3 Kitchen Storage Problems Camshelving Can Fix
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