14. Wine B’Gone Ultra Stain Remover

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Useful stain remover is one of the best inexpensive wine gifts

While a stain remover may not be high on a gift ideas list, it is one of the most useful gifts for a wine lover.

Say goodbye to grappling with hard-to-remove wine stains from a favorite couch, carpet, or outfit.

Red wine is particularly notorious and Wine B’Gone Stain Remover is the fast-acting solution to keeping things stain-free.

Featured in Good Housekeeping magazine’s list of best red wine stain removers, Wine B’ Gone Ultra features advanced cleaning agents. 

Available as a 16-oz spray bottle, it helps remove wine and alcohol stains from upholstery, carpets, clothing, countertops and just about everything.

While designed for safely removing wine stains, it also removes many other tough stains. Use it on stubborn coffee stains, ketchup, grass, hair dye, blood, fruits and even perspiration.

It has a pH-neutral solvent that retains fabric colors, and does not contain harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, peroxide, or phosphorous.

Just spray and watch the stains fade away.

This Wine B’Gone Stain Remover is one of the most practical inexpensive gifts wine lovers. Pair it with a bottle of delicious and you have the perfect gift for friends.

15 Best Inexpensive Gifts For Wine Lovers
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