4. Cazuela de Mariscos – Chilean Seafood Stew

Cazuela Mariscos Seafood from Chile by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious cazuela de mariscos or Chilean seafood stew

Cazuela de Mariscos, or Chilean seafood stew, is a tasty  dish with Spanish influence.

It is made with a combination of seafood that has been boiled in a mixture of water, white wine, and onions. 

The stew is then mixed with a variety of other tastes and flavors, including cilantro, lime juice, garlic, chili peppers, and tomatoes.

This Chilean seafood stew, or cazuelas de mariscos, is a delicious way to enjoy the bounty of the sea. 

In South America, you’ll find similar seafood stews in countries like Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. 

In addition to Chile, these countries border the Pacific coastline and have access to a variety of fresh seafood.

While the recipes in each country differ, they all share a few similar ingredients. Expect to find delicious fish and seafood, white wine, spices and some with coconut milk.

Chilean cazuelas are usually made with shellfish, shrimp, crab, and other seafood, all simmered in a creamy broth perfumed with traditional aromatic herbs.

The finished stew is thickened with flour and served in a terracotta pot or cazuelas

This delicious dish is typically served with rice or bread, making it the perfect meal for any seafood lover.

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